Studio recording

We provide complete services related to the studio recording of your projects of all genres. We can travel with our recording equipment anywhere outside the studio. We process your studio recording from the beginning to the end – from recording the instruments, through final mixing and mastering to preparing the CD. Obviously, we ensure professional music and sound direction for your recordings. We also offer separate postproduction services.


Services for JAMU students and employees

  • all studio recordings that are part of study plans
  • studio recordings for competitions or intership programs
  • non-commertial recrodings not connected to study plans for discounted prices

To book the studio please contact us on the phone (+420 770 114 142) or via e-mail with the greatest possible advance. Early booking is always necessary!

There is a private parking place inside the builiding. As the space there is limited please let us know how many cars You would need to leave there.


Please contact to estimate the cost of Your project.